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The 5 Most Common Roofing Problems

Keeping an eye out for the 5 most common roof problems will end up saving you money in the long run. Many roof replacements can be avoided by good roof maintenance. Here’s our list of the most common roofing problems in Ireland.

Poor Roof Installation

A badly installed roof is never going to last! If you’re worried your roof wasn’t installed properly, you’ll need to hire a professional to inspect it thoroughly.

Shrinkage/Blistering of Membrane

If you can see cracks or splits on your shingle/tile roof, it could be a sign of shrinkage within your roof membrane underneath. This can lead to serious issues in the future (especially in areas with excessive rain and wind).

Unwanted Guests

A good roof keeps the water out and the heat in – the perfect home for a host of birds, insects and small animals. This might sound OK, but animals can cause a surprising amount of damage when they’re building their nest in your roof. It’s best tomove them on to their next home before they move in.

Badly Installed Flashing

The areas around chimneys, vents and pipes on a roof are sealed with flashing to keep them watertight and keep heat in. If your flashing is badly installed (or just plain old), you might be open to tiles coming loose and open seams leaving your roof vulnerable.

Improper Maintenance

The most common and most damaging roofing problem is simply a lack of maintenance. Without proper maintenance and care, the smallest of issues can spiral into a serious problem if not caught in time. Keep your gutters cleaned, trees trimmed and cracks filled!

A routine roof inspection might just save you hundreds of euro in the long run – D.Hennessy Roofing has been keeping Dublin leak-free for 25 Years. Call our roofers in Dublin on (01) 830 4004 to get your roof inspected today.

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