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Low Cost Roof Repairs Dublin

D.Hennessy Roofing have been solving roof repairs in Dublin over the last 25 years.We at D.Hennessy Roofing are a Family Roofing Company and are also members of the national guild of mastercraftsmen of Ireland.

Roof Repairs at Low cost

Roof Repairs consist of many faults on your roof, such as a loose roof slate, a broken roof tile, a leaking roof valley, cement ridge tile rebeding, roof felt damaged and also many more roofing repair problems. We at D.Hennessy Roofing supply a free roof repair call out service and roof inspection all across Dublin city and county.

Fixing a Roof Repair

Sometimes a slipped roof slate can simply be fixed for a price of €100 euros, but in some cases a roof repair to fix a roof a slate can also mean fixing a slate plus another five or six slates, reason been sometimes the top roof slate that slipped from the roof happened because the roof slates underneath had a problem with old rusted nails breaking from the roof timbers.

Storms play a major factor in roof damage, storms can blow roof tiles and roof slates from roofs, which then needs roof repairs to your roof. We at D.Hennessy Roofing carry out an emergency roof repair service all across Dublin City and Dublin County twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Roof Repair service across Dublin City and County Dublin. We at D.Hennessy Roofing also supply a ten-year roof repair guarantee.

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