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D Hennessy Roofing Inspections

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

A roof is one of the most essential parts of your home – it keeps you safe, warm and protected from the weather. An old, tired roof costs hundreds, if not thousands, of euros in repair and maintenance costs over the years.

We at D.Hennessy Roofing always feel customers can sometimes feel nervous about calling out a roofing company to inspect their roof.

Why do customers feel nervous about their roof inspections?

First, there have been many cases of customers across Dublin/Ireland who have come across a bogus tradesman, and this has left people feeling scared of being ripped off when it comes to their roof repair or a new roof. Older adults, especially, have seen first-hand how bogus Roofing Companies have carried out work in their homes and have charged way over the top in prices.

What do customers need to check from a Roofing Company in Dublin to make them trust

the roofing company they would like to hire?

Firstly, we at D.Hennessy Roofing offer all our customers a "Free Call Out Roof Inspection."

All roofing Companies should have insurance and be able to produce to a customer if asked.

Ask the person from the roofing company who calls your home. Have they any IDs?

Is the roofing company a member of the national guild of Mastercraftsmen? If the answer is yes, ask if you could see the national guild ID card.

Be on the lookout for the company van. Does it match the van you saw on the company website?

Does the guy at your front door to inspect your roof look professional? Does he look


Ask if you can see evidence of the roofing projects they have recently finished.

Do they have good Google reviews from previous customers, Just like us at D.Hennessy


Can the roofing company you are thinking of employing call a previous customer and let you speak

to that customer about their satisfaction with the recent work that particular company carried


Is the company registered to a proper address?

Do the phone numbers connect to the ones from their website and offices?

The list can go on forever, but it is essential for you, as a customer, to check the above

guidelines, as having these in place can give you great trust in the future with your roof


Is the Cheapest price always the best price?

Roofers in Dublin all have their ways of pricing a new roof or a roof repair in Dublin.

Some customers sometimes fall into the trap of going with the lowest price.

Why is this a big mistake?

A Fully licenced and Insured Roofing Company will always be more expensive than a typical

DIY roofer.

A fully licenced and insured roofing company will always carry out a new roof or roof repair

with outstanding professionalism. Trust is a significant factor in any roof installation or repair.

Unless photographic evidence is provided to you as a customer, you should never allow any

work on your roof to be carried out. We at D.Hennessy Roofing always show our customers

photos of their problems on their roofs; we provide video footage from a drone of our camera

phones; this helps a customer to trust the roofing company they might like to hire because not every customer can climb a ladder and get onto a roof, it nice to see the evidence.

Any hired roofing company in Dublin should always provide a customer with a detailed report of the intended roof works that may be carried out. There should be an outlined breakdown of the job from start to finish and also a written guarantee.

Cheap roof repairs are like throwing money in the bin.

When it comes to us at D.Hennessy Roofing, we are very fair when pricing a new roof or a roof repair for our customers.

For instance, a slipped tile or slate can cost you €100, depending on different factors.

Why Did the slate slip?

Are the nails rusted underneath

Are the timbers Rotten? This is where the expertise of a trusted roofing company comes into


An expert Roofing company with a full licence and insurance is always the best decision in the end, not the cheapest.

We at D.Hennessy Roofing are one of the best Roofing Companies in Dublin/Ireland, we cover all areas of the country, and Dublin is the heart of our company offices. We treat all our

customers with great dignity and trust and continually work to our customer's satisfaction.

Roofers in Dublin.

We at D.Hennessy Roofing work alongside many Member Associations, especially with the

country's older people; we are roofing Experts and always ensure we give our customers all the satisfaction they and their roofs deserve. If you would like to talk to us about any advice y regarding your roofing project, do not hesitate to call us today on 01 830 4004. We will very gladly help you. D.Hennessy Roofing is one of Dublin'sDublin's longest and best Roofing companies, and we have all we need to provide our customers with for any new roof installation or repair.

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